Good local is all about supporting local people doing good things, after all what goes around comes around right?

The BeanFarm studio is looking for partners and share holders who are interested in being part of a project to promote ethical small business in our communities.

We want to see an end to large corporations and businesses that exploit the environment, use cheap labour overseas, create pollution and unnecessary landfill, sell unhealthy products and endless waste!

What we want to see are the stories and details about local businesses that are making a difference, promoting social change, producing environmentally sustainable and healthy products or initiaves that will help save our planet by changing the way we live.

Good Local will be a directory website for ethical small business profiles videos, galleries and events coming to a community near you soon.

If you are interested in partnering with the BeanFarm and have skills in Video Production, Copywriting, Social Media or SEO lets talk!

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